Van der Valk Exclusief, a subsidiary of the largest Dutch hospitality chain, operates 35 hotels in the Netherlands.

On July 8, 2016, it was announced that Van der Valk wants to bring MyStay to its hotels.


Cabture improves the taxi experience with its innovative tablets which turn a boring ride into an entertaining, informative, and safe experience.

Hotel guests will have a much more satisfying cab experience with Cabture. Additionally, our hotel clients have another opportunity to advertise their special offers.


TripKey is a ready to use contactless public transportation card that provides seamless access to all public transportation in the Netherlands.

With TripKey, our hotel guests in the Netherlands can travel more easily and securely!


Invited Smart Lock turns your smartphone into the door key. Doors can be opened remotely, access can be tracked, and it is easier than ever to find the key!

Similar to our partnership with Salto, with Invited Smart Lock we eliminate the need for physical, easy-to-lose and easy-to-forget keys!


Salto’s technology allows the user to easily open a door from their smartphone.

Our partnership allows hotel guests to open their room door through our app. No more clunky keys!